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“To Inspire and Be Inspired.” We take all inspiration in and give inspiration out. With our creativity that we love to express, we serve you delicious food and beverages. We have espressos, tea-fusions, lattes, vegan smoothies, waffles, toasted sandwiches, wafflewiches, vegan waffles, cookies and more. Come visit us to see what you are capable of indulging in!

TIABI was established in 2013 by Las Vegas locals that were craving more than your average coffee shop experience. TIABI is an acronym for To Inspire And Be Inspired, a phrase that is the company’s mission and attitude towards bringing the local community of Las Vegas together. With wafting aromas of fresh coffee and waffles, you can find yourself relaxing and indulging in the cafe specialties. #TIABI is also a great place to study, hang out and make new friends of all ages. We are here “To Inspire And Be Inspired.”

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    1. Of course! We definitely want to support the Vegan community. Please keep a lookout for summer time. We are working on providing more vegan options and will be revamping our menu.

  1. Do you cater? My company is working on lining up some healthy breakfasts for our employees once a month. Your menu sounds delicious and (mostly:-) healthy, and waffles would be easy to serve. Just wondering…

    1. Hi Claudia!

      We definitely cater. Re recently catered an art exhibit last week and are more than happy to deliver catering. If you would like to call us at the store we can discuss what type of catering you would like, ie platters or individual plates. Thank you!

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